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Don’t miss out on the thrilling sci-fi odyssey! Pre-order Atlas Fallen at best price now and dive into a captivating universe filled with action and wonder.

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Key Facts

  • Preorder Atlas Fallen before release and get the Ruin Rising Pack
  • PlayStation and Xbox users can preload the game before its release
  • No Early Access available for Altas Fallen
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Embody a heroic character who must stand up against the tyrannical Sun God Thelos and his formidable army of Wraiths in Atlas Fallen.

This upcoming ARPG game is set in a vast, sand-covered world that features a distinctive combat system, enabling players to morph their weapons and harness the power of the sands to glide through the air.

After being delayed for months, the wait is almost over and we can finally play it on its release on August 10, 2023.

Pre-order Atlas Fallen today! Available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.


What is in Atlas Fallen Pre-Order Bonus?

  Pre-order Atlas Fallen bonus  

One week to go before Atlas Fallen release date and before the pre-order bonus expires! Buy Atlas Fallen CD Key now and you’ll receive the Ruin Rising Pack which includes the following:

  • Nyaal’s Wrath Gauntlet Skin
  • Thelos & Nyaal Shields
  • Gathering Storm Signets
  • Essence Stones & Idol Pack
  • Ruin Rising Armor Dyes

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Does Atlas Fallen have Early Access?

We’ve seen a number of gameplays over the past few months and because of the release push back, it seemed like Atlas Fallen may be given Early Access but unfortunately, it didn’t.

Eager gamers will have to wait for its release to start playing.


When can I preload Atlas Fallen?

Although early access is not possible, you can play the game the very second it unlocks.

For PlayStation 5 players, you can start downloading the game on August 8, 2023. Enable your auto-download so you can’t miss it. The game currently sits at 21.36GB.

For Xbox Series players, you can already preload Atlas Fallen now with a 40.17 GB file size.


Where to buy Atlas Fallen CD Key cheap?

There are loads of reputable online key sellers you can buy Atlas Fallen CD key for cheap from. But going through all of them to find the best deal is not really a walk in the park.

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How to play Atlas Fallen for free?

Enjoy this much awaited action RPG without spending money! Atlas Fallen was given the green light for our weekly game key giveaway going live as soon as the free Baldur’s Gate 3 promo ends today.

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