Rogue Company: New Rogue Juke Joins as Daybreak Update Rolls Out

8 June 2022 at 19:47 in Gaming News with no comments

Rogue Company leaves Open Beta as it launches its new update which includes the new Rogue, Juke, and more exciting content.

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First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios are proud to announce that their free-to-play multiplayer shooter Rogue Company is finally off to its full launch after spending over a year in Open Beta. The full launch comes alongside the roll-out of its Operation Daybreak Update which also marks the start of Year Two Season Three.

One of the update’s highlights is the addition of the new Rogue, Juke, who now takes the 25th spot in the game’s roster.


Rogue Company Operation Daybreak | New Rogue: Juke


Juke is both a scientist and an engineer, and holds multiple PhD’s. According to her bio, she’s the person behind the creation of “the world’s first true Artificial Intelligence.” She previously worked for Furmi.62, but has since joined Rogue Company to search for answers after Jackal Agent Umbra destroyed her life’s work at the SCION facility.

As a Rogue, Juke is a Defender who uses cutting-edge technology to not only traverse the map, but also setup defenses for the team.

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Active Ability: Laser Defense Drone

  Rogue Company Operation Daybreak Update  

Juke can charge up and deploy her Laser Defense Drone (up to two at a time) and have it attach on surfaces where it will target and attack enemies within its range. It fires advanced laser that deals tick damage over time. Enemy Rogues will need to destroy it, or exit its range to totally stop its attacks.


Passive Ability: Juke Boots

  rogue company juke boots  

The Juke Boots modifies her Dodge Roll. It has 3 charges that allows her to maneuver her way across the map, but when the charges are all used up, she will use the normal Dodge Roll until the ability is recharged.

Aside from dodging, the Juke Boots allows her to evade and make positioning plays mid-air.


Juke’s Loadout:

rogue company steam  

Primary Weapons:

  • Ibex Burst SMG (NEW)
  • Conviction LMG

Secondary Weapon:

  • Warrant Pistol

Melee Weapon:

  • Combat Knife


  • (NEW) Reflector – Juke’s latest invention. It can repel enemies and thrown gadgets in a cone in front of her. It can ignore collision as well as give Rogues the option to displace enemies in corners or in cover.
  • (NEW) Impact Grenade – Deals moderate explosion damage when hitting a surface. Ideal for fire fights, or punishing enemies that are damaged and fleeing.


  • Rare Nimble Hands
  • Rare Life Drain
  • Rare Resupply
  • Epic Stalker
  • Epic Gunsmith
  • Epic Bounce Back
  • Legendary Energized
  • Legendary Bulletproof


Rogue Company Year Two, Season Three


There’s a lot more content for Rogue Company Year Two Season Three, including the new Wild Wasteland Battle Pass, and several Project Saint updates. You can view all details in the Update Notes HERE.


Rogue Company is free to play on PC (via Steam/Epic Games), PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. It also has cross-play and cross-save so you and your friends can join the action regardless of platform.


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