Rocket League Tournaments Overhaul, Free-to-Play Details Announced

20 August 2020 at 07:07 in Gaming News, GNews with no comments

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Psyonix has revealed new details on Rocket League’s revamped Tournaments as it gets ready to transition to free-to-play later this summer.

Rocket League Tournaments



In a nutshell, the new Tournaments will allow players to sign up for Competitive Tournaments, a new ranked mode that pits players with similar skills against each other. This also allows players to earn rewards.

Psyonix promises that players will “have plenty of opportunities to compete” as each region will have multiple Competitive Tournaments that are scheduled per day.

Read more about Competitive Tournaments HERE.


Rocket League Goes Free-to-Play


Rocket League will soon be free-to-play, and will be launching on the Epic Games Store for PC. The free-to-play version will be the same as its console and Steam counterparts. It also features cross-platform play.

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