Rimworld Update 1.5 & Anomaly DLC: New Endgame, Entities & More

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Today, the new Update 1.5 for Rimworld is released for free, but that’s not all. Additionally, a paid Horror-Themed expansion is released, adding new enemies and more to the game. Everything known about it so far is detailed here.

Main Information

  • Today, Update 1.5 for Rimworld is released.
  • Simultaneously, the Anomaly DLC is also released, bringing some horror to the game.
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What is Rimworld?

In Rimworld, you manage a colony. This colony starts with only a few inhabitants, focusing on sheer survival initially. You need to establish a base, gather resources from nature, and, of course, ensure you don’t forget about food. Assign tasks to your colonists to make life function.

But the game always tells a story, driven by an AI. Thus, your colonists can fall in love, encounter raiders, traders, new followers, and much more. Therefore, you must always be prepared for any situation and able to adapt. Rimworld was developed and published by Ludeon Studios.

Update 1.5

Update 1.5 for Rimworld is set to release in about a month. The developers have announced many features and invested over 18 months of work into this update. The full changelog spans 18 pages, but here, we’ll summarize the highlights for you.


Let’s start with a new feature: books are now available in Rimworld. Reading these books grants your colonists experience, research, and more, depending on the book. You can obtain books as quest rewards or purchase them from traders.

More decor has been added to the game in general. In addition to books, there are now stylish bookshelves. Moreover, the first 2×1 wide door has been introduced, perfect for large halls. There are also many new light sources that can be mounted on walls, turning night into day.

Performance has also been further improved in Update 1.5, making the game even smoother. A completely different addition is crawling, now introduced. Wounded colonists will now crawl across the ground if injured, leaving a trail of blood on their search for the next safe place. This applies not only to your own colonists but also to enemies.

If your starting character has a trait such as Greedy, they may spawn with matching items, like a bag full of gold. Pyromaniacs, for example, may spawn with a Molotov cocktail, and much more.


The ocean is no longer as safe as it once was. Your base can now also be attacked by Mechanoids from there. So, be sure to secure your base towards the water as well.

Mining in Rimworld has also been made much more pleasant. You can now order a colonist to only mine the ore, ignoring the surrounding stones and focusing solely on the selected ore. Cleaning up a room has also been revamped, allowing you to simply click on the floor and clean up the room.

Previously, the game would end immediately after losing all your colonists. This has now changed. There is an option, after all your colonists have died, to create 1-6 new ones and continue using your old world with your base and everything. However, this option is completely optional, so if you prefer the game to end as it did before, you can simply end it at this point.

In the bottom right, you’ll find a magnifying glass, which is for search purposes. You can search for items, colonists, and more. So, you’ll never lose anything in your world again.


Some visuals have also been improved, especially the weapons now look better. Additionally, a new plant species has been added, and some trees have been given a leafless design. But there’s much more; you can find the complete changelog here.

Rimworld Anomaly DLC

Today, alongside the free update, the paid Anomaly DLC is also released. This DLC aims to bring horror to the game. At the beginning of this expansion, your colonists provoke a superintelligence, and then the fun begins. Monstrous enemies, distorting mysteries, dangerous parasites, and phenomena that destroy your mental state appear. Many were inspired by works like Cabin in the Woods, The Thing, Hellraiser, the Cthulhu Mythos, and much more.


In Rimworld, many new scenarios await you, such as Invisible Hunters who consume human souls. To protect yourself, you must build alarm systems. When they move to fight, you can defeat them and perhaps even follow them to their camp.

However, for example, a parasite could control one of your colonists and try to destroy your camp from the inside out. Or your colonists could also become possessed and worship a golden cube. Be prepared for anything; there’s much more!

You’ll face terrifying battles against crawling flesh beasts, hordes of undead, sphere-like death machines, water beasts, and much more. To defeat these enemies, you have new weapons at your disposal. You can now build flamethrowers and Hellcat rifles. But not only can you rely on such technologies, but also on more sinister ones. With a Flesh Mutator, you can transform living creatures. But there are many more exciting and crazy weapons that you should definitely check out for yourself.

Some enemies you’ll need to study to defeat. Therefore, it’s important to reinforce your base even more to not be defenseless. When you defeat enemies, you can use their materials in some cases to craft useful items.


There are also new cultists who worship the Machine Brain. These will attack your village and even sacrifice themselves for their worshipped one. Defeat your enemies before they summon deadly foes or trick you onto their side.

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