Reward Program Feature Update: New Ways to use your Points to Win

29 August 2023 at 15:04 in Gaming News, Update with 2 comments

After all your feedback, we’ve decided to modify the AllKeyShop Reward Program.

AllKeyShop Reward Program

New Wishlist features

Now you can add games to your Wishlist and receive a special alert when one of the games is on sale. You have the option to apply extra filters such as edition, region, and more. To prevent a false alarm.


Spin the Wheel: Once a day you can Spin the Wheel of Fortune and always win! The major prize is a RTX 4060 TI so spin the Wheel of Fortune now to use the chance to win a 4060 Ti!

RTX 4060 Ti

And do you know what’s even better? The odds of winning this have been doubled. So, go ahead and spin the wheel of fortune now to win a 4060 TI!

A New Way to use your Points

For long-time AllKeyShop members who enjoy the Wheel of Fortune, there’s a fresh way to use your points. Meet the Prediction Wheel, offering game keys for the latest releases.

AllKeyShop Prediciton Wheel

Select Your Game: Choose a highly anticipated game that will be released in the near future but do not yet have a precise release date.

AllKeyShop Prediciton Wheel

Claim Your Turn: For 1.000.000 points, you can unlock the first spin at the Prediction Wheel.  

Your Destiny Awaits: Your spin will give you a random day within the game’s release year. If you are lucky and the game debuts in the US market on that precise day, rejoice! You’ll find the coveted game key in your reward inventory on the release date.

So, go ahead and try your luck. Spend your points on a spin on the new Prediction Wheel, and you might just win a key for a game from your favourite series right on its release day.