Resident Evil Village PC Giveaway

6 May 2021 at 12:49 in Allkeyshop Video Gaming News with 7 comments

The hype surrounding the imminent release of Resident Evil: Village is at an all-time high. Sitting pretty with its May 7th launch date, Village is set to terrify us in ways we never even suspected were possible, and 2Game is here to facilitate these horrors for us with an awesome Resident Evil Village PC Giveaway!

Resident Evil Village PC Giveaway  

Featuring 5 copies of RE: Village for PC, this giveaway is set and primed to go live late this Friday to coincide with the launch of one of the biggest horror games of the decade.

The giveaway will take place over the course of a week, with the winners getting drawn come next Friday, on the 14th.

If you’re interested in participating – and why would you not be? – just scroll on ahead and get acquainted with the rules. It’s all really simple stuff: you’ll be good to go in no time whatsoever.

Join the Resident Evil Village PC Giveaway

The first order of business to join AllKeyShop and 2Game’s joint giveaway is to open up the official landing page. All the important information will be available there, but just to reiterate and to be safe, here are the start and end dates:

  • STARTS: Friday, May 7 – Midnight EDT
  • ENDS: Friday, May 14 – Midnight EDT

Note that the landing page does have a precise timer ticking away, so don’t worry too much about keeping track of the dates and launch times.

But,” you might be wondering, “How do I join???”

How to Join the Resident Evil Village Giveaway?


Joining this giveaway is easy as pie, we promise. Just head on over to the giveaway’s landing page and hit the big ‘Enter Now’ button that’s sitting smack-dab in the middle of the widget.

There are 5 Resident Evil Village PC Keys waiting for someone to claim them, so your chances to win this giveaway aren’t half-bad from the get-go.

But wait! It gets better.

Boost Your Chances of Winning!


That’s right – you can boost your chance to win even further by participating in the interactive section of our giveaway. As you’ll probably have noticed, the lower section of the giveaway widget features a number of different prompts that you can pick and choose from.

Whether it’s subscribing to 2Game’s (neat and useful) newsletter or following us on social media, the more of these prompts you tick off, the better your chances of winning!

As we said – easy as pie.

Follow 2Game’s Affiliates to See What The Game is Like!


Finally, you’re going to need to do something while you’re waiting for Monday to come. Why not engage with Resident Evil Village’s fandom and all the awesome streamers that will be playing the game over the next few days?

Here’s a handy list of streamers you should check out at launch day to get a sense of why Resident Evil Village is one of the most exciting games of the year:

Depending on your preferences, you may choose to go with one of these streamers over others, but they’re all going to be delivering stellar content for you to enjoy while you wait for us to draw our winners.

Some of them are even hosting other Resident Evil Village giveaways in tandem with 2Game, so there’s an additional incentive there, if you need one.

Now, what are you waiting for? Have at it!