PS4/PS5 Games Like Minecraft

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PS4/PS5 Games Like Minecraft

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The Escapists 2


A sandbox strategy RPG where you mastermind daring prison breaks. Team up with up to 3 friends to hatch intricate escape plans across unique locations like icy Fort Tundra, a speeding desert train, or even a space station! Craft clever tools from everyday items and use the revamped combat system to outsmart the guards. With multiple escape routes and a Prison Map Editor to design your own challenging prisons, The Escapists 2 keeps you on your toes!

Stardew Valley


Leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and breathe new life into your grandfather’s old farm. Sow seeds, raise livestock, and bond with the eclectic folks of the valley. Revitalize the town by restoring its buildings, or opt for a more cutthroat path by teaming up with Joja Corporation. Beyond farming, explore caves teeming with treasures and beasts, or spend a peaceful day fishing for legendary catches. Build relationships, start a family, and customize your farm to your heart’s content, making the perfect escape for those craving a cozy virtual life.



A dynamic 2D sandbox game that merges classic action with boundless creativity. You’re not stuck on one road here. Whether you hunger for wild battles or dream of building wonders, Terraria’s got you covered. Explore deep caverns teeming with monsters for epic loot, or unleash your inner architect and craft anything from humble abodes to bustling metropolises. With ever-changing worlds and regular updates, the adventure never ends!



A vibrant 2D world overflowing with resources. Gather resources, craft tools and structures, and witness your base evolve from a modest start. As you advance, unlock skills, abilities, and blueprints to bolster your journey. The world brims with puzzles, secrets, and dungeons waiting to be discovered, offering an exhilarating mix of uncovering and conquering challenges. Forager shines with its open-ended gameplay, urging you to set your own pace and carve out your path to triumph.

My Time at Portia


My Time at Portia beckons you to revive your Pa’s workshop in a charming post-apocalyptic town bursting with charm. Gather resources, craft goods, and bond with quirky locals. But it’s not just about tools and pickaxes; you can run your own farm, cuddle adorable animals, and uncover ancient secrets in hidden ruins. With thrilling battles, intricate crafting, and lively interactions, there’s something for every gamer. Take a breather by fishing, cooking up a storm, or joining festive celebrations. The adventure awaits!

LEGO Worlds


Lego Worlds invites you to explore endless Lego realms bursting with surprises! Discover hidden treasures, meet quirky characters, and build to your heart’s content. With terraforming tools at your fingertips, reshape the landscape however you like! Pick from a colorful cast of characters, from astronauts to zombies, each with their own charm. Team up with a friend online to conquer challenges or showcase your imaginative creations. Let your creativity run wild in the ultimate Lego adventure!

Dragon Quest Builders 2


Be a master builder on a mission to thwart an evil cult alongside your enigmatic buddy, Malroth. With a story mode packed with adventure, craft your way through a world of blocks using a plethora of materials. Battle foes, roam the lands, and cultivate your crops while teaming up with pals in the online mode to construct epic creations together in Dragon Quest Builders 2.



Explore seven vibrant planets teeming with challenges and secrets. Utilize a terraforming tool to shape the terrain to your liking, crafting bases and vehicles to aid your journey. Join forces with friends in online co-op mode to conquer vast building projects and unearth the mysteries of the solar system. Get ready for an epic space adventure filled with exploration, teamwork, and boundless creativity!

No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky is an action-packed adventure set in an endless universe. Explore an array of planets teeming with life and traverse space with ease. Trade, battle, or roam as you please, crafting your own epic journey with danger at every turn. Forge your destiny by upgrading your gear and making impactful choices, all while connecting with fellow players online to share in the excitement of discovery.

Subnautica Below Zero


Plunge into an icy alien world as Robin Ayou, on a mission to uncover the truth about her missing sister in Subnautica: Below Zero. Survive the chilling depths, construct shelters, and craft tools to navigate treacherous waters. Discover new biomes, encounter bizarre creatures, and pilot futuristic vehicles while the development team eagerly listens to player feedback, ensuring an immersive adventure awaits!

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