Promo Code | Definition : What is a Coupon?

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What Is a Promo Code?

Synonyms: Discount Coupon / Coupon / Promotional Code / Promo Code / Discount Code / E-coupon / Voucher


A coupon or promotional code is a discount code available as a digital or paper voucher.



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Most discount coupons available on e-commerce sites come as an alphanumeric code.

Promotional codes give a discount in value or percentage on the purchase of a product.

Vouchers are valid for a short time and sometimes come with certain conditions.

On Allkeyshop, most of the discount codes are what we call e-coupons and come in the form of alphanumeric codes.

Sometimes, a voucher will be a word like “Allkeyshop8” and is used by our preferred partners.


Why Should I Use A Promotional Code?


Promo codes are a great way to buy what you want for less and help sellers to stand out from competitors.

By offering a discount, the merchant can sell you a product that you may not have purchased at full price and stay ahead of other sellers.

Allkeyshop is a vital comparison site where discount coupons are an essential practice for sellers to encourage users to select their offers.

Promotional codes are vital to both sellers and users. Sellers find them crucial for attracting buyers, and users appreciate the money they save when buying games.


How to Know if a Discount Coupon Exists?

Use the Allkeyshop extension for your favorite web browser.


It’s a free extension compatible with most browsers that instantly gives you the best coupons and vouchers when browsing on Steam, Epic Games, Humblebundle, etc.

The Allkeyshop extension always applies the best promo code to save you the most money.



How to Use A Coupon Code Without the Allkeyshop Extension?


Merchant sites will ask you if you have a voucher or coupon code when you’re at the checkout by asking you to tick a box or complete a field.

You need to copy and paste the coupon code into the field and hit apply to purchase your game at a discount.

Make sure the coupon has applied to your purchase before confirming your order.

Note: Coupons sometimes only have one use or are invalid. Check our product pages for more discount codes and coupons.

Synonym: Discount Coupon / Coupon / Promotional Code / Promo Code / Discount Code / E-coupon / Voucher