Pokémon GO: How to Beat & Catch Mega Sceptile

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How to beat and catch Mega Sceptile in Pokémon GO.

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Key Facts

  • Pokémon GO’s Mega Sceptile is a Mega Raid Boss for 3-4 trainers.
  • Mega Sceptile is weakest against Ice type Pokémon.
  • To beat it and capture it, you can use Ice and Psychic Pokémon.



Mega Sceptile is a Mega Raid Boss and a Grass and Dragon-type Pokémon that requires 3-4 trainers to beat.

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When fighting Mega Sceptile in a Mega Raid, it’s important to know that it’s weakest against Ice-type Pokémon.


The Best 5 Pokémon to Beat Mega Sceptile in a Mega Raid:

  • Mega Abomasnow Powder Snow/Weather Ball (Ice)
  • Mega Gengar Lick/Sludge Bomb ( Ghost)
  • Mamoswine Powder Snow/Avalanche (Ice)
  • Mega Latios – Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw (Dragon)
  • Mewtwo – Psycho Cut/Ice Beam (Psychic)

Mega Sceptile has the following Fast and Charged Moves:

  • Fast: Bullet Seed/Fury Cutter
  • Charged: Leaf Blade/Dragon Claw/Earthquake/Aerial Ace

To catch Sceptile, you’ll need to flight it at level 20 or 25 when it has the following CP values:

  • Level 20: 1500-1575 CP
  • Level 25: 1876-1969 CP

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