Play Maquette for Free on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass

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Play Maquette for free as it just joined the roster of amazing games today with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Also available in Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

  Play Maquette for Free    

Xbox gamers have been waiting for this day! Marquette has finally launched on Xbox One and Xbox Series today.

This first-person puzzle game developed by Graceful Decay and published by Annapurna Interactive was initially released in 2021.

It was first made available for PC and PlayStation and was released for Nintendo Switch a couple of months ago.


How to play Maquette for free?

  Play Maquette for Free Xbox  

Not only can you buy Maquette CD key for cheap here at Allkeyshop, but if you already have an Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass, then the stars must be aligning for you because Maquette is free to play with those passes.

Don’t have the pass and find them expensive?

Well, this month proves to be a gift to gamers. You can now get the Xbox Game Pass for as low as 1 euro. Check here on how to get this Xbox Game Pass 1 euro deal!


Which games are leaving Xbox Game Pass in July 2023?

Although there are several exciting games like Maquette joining the Xbox Game Pass library this month, Microsoft announced that they are also delisting five. The list includes Marvel’s Avengers, The Ascent, Two Point Campus, Dreamscaper, and Expeditions: Rome.

You may only have until the 31st of July to enjoy these games on Game Pass, but you can get their CD keys for cheap here in Allkeyshop!


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