Play Football Manager 2023 For Free Starting Today with Prime Gaming

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Discover the captivating world of Football Manager 2023 for free with Amazon Prime Gaming subscription. Find out more details on how to play for free here.

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Key Facts

  • Football Manager 2023 is free with Prime Gaming subscription this month
  • Amazon Prime has a 1 month free trial
  • FM23 saved games can be transferred to FM24 when it releases
    Play Football Manager 2023 for Free  

Football Manager 2023 is the latest installment in the popular football management simulation video game series. Compared to previous versions, this game introduces new features like a new scouting system, new training system, and new transfer market.

With rumors of November 2023 release for Football Manager 2024, FM23 coming out as free to play couldn’t be timed more perfectly. In previous installments, there was no such thing as continuing saved games to succeeding FM versions. However, with Football Manager 2023 and 2024, that changes.

According to the official website, “you’ll be able to bring your FM23 career into FM24 across all platforms.”

So what are you waiting for? Get Football Manager 2023 and get it now for free with Amazon Prime Gaming!


How to play Football Manager 2023 for free?

Did you miss out on the Steam’s free to play weekend that featured Football Manager 2023? Well, you’re in luck! Considered one of the best, if not the best, managerial simulation video games is back to play for free with Amazon Prime Gaming.

Football Manager 2023 will kickstart the free games on Prime Gaming for September 2023.

When you get this free game on Prime Gaming, you’ll get the game’s Epic Games Store key. And to clear out some confusion there, no it will not be available for free on Epic. It will only be free on Prime Gaming but you’ll get the key from Epic Games Store.


Where to buy Football Manager 2023 CD Key cheap?

If you’re without an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription, don’t worry, you still don’t have to pay full price for Football Manager 2023 CD Key!

With Allkeyshop, you can find the lowest price for a FM23 game key in real-time and the best shop to buy it from. Our price comparison tool is very easy to use. Just go through and filter numerous price offers and get insights on price history, shop reviews, and payment method fees whether you’re paying via PayPal or credit card.

And to get the best deal possible, there are exclusive Allkeyshop discount codes on selected merchants you can apply upon checkout so you can buy Football Manager 2023 CD key at the cheapest price.


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