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Key Facts

  • Astra Knights of Veda is a free to play game
  • Cross-platform PC-mobile is supported
  • Participating in Launch Events will get you free in-game items and more

Astra Knights of Veda is a story-rich, visually stunning, 2D RPG set in the world of Planis which has been corrupted by the dark magic of the Mad King Magnus. You will play as a prophesied hero, known as the Master of the Book, who must team up with the Knights of Veda to save the world.

The game features tactical and stylish combat with different Knights of Veda having their own unique set of skills and weapons. You can play the game solo or with a friend in co-op mode. There is also a competitive Arena mode where you can fight against other players.

Astra Knights of Veda Steam Key Release

Astra Knights of Veda is now out and it comes with many events where you can get and win awesome in-game items.

Its launch event, Sorin’s Daily Quiz, will run for seven days or until April 9, 2024. Here, Masters of the Book who correctly answer Sorin’s Quiz will receive essential adventure items as gifts.

The second event is its Launch Celebration Special Attendance Event where if you login the game for 28 days, you will get a 5 Star Knight of Veda Summon Guarantee Ticket, Star’s Charm.

Third event is the PC & Mobile Cross-Platform Event. Basically you participate in this event by playing on both platforms where you can have a chance to win up to 1,600 Starstones. This will run until the scheduled maintenance on April 26, 2024.

Then finally, you have the Call of the Star Event where you can meet Black Sun Xanthia and an increased chance of getting Ardor, Capecchi, and Nayan. Also in this event is the increased chance of getting exclusive weapons including Planetary Tuner, Death Cry, Brembar Obsidian Dagger, and Tusk of the North Sea. This event will end on April 25, 2024.

While it all sounds amazing, Astra Knights of Veda launch has its fair share of hiccups. The review and rating did not go as expected mostly due to technical reasons. The devs are quick to respond and have made some necessary bug fixes after release.

As per update today at 4:08 UTC, those affected by the Yanko issue should be able to play now, although the bug isn’t completely and permanently fixed. They know of the issue and are doing more fixes as of writing.

Moreover, some interface and system issues are known and currently being fixed. The full list of known issues are published here.

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