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What is Red Dead?

Red Dead is a game series by Rockstar Games, which has been bringing out several games since 2004. The game embodies the typical Wild West, known from many movies and stories. A time full of bandits, avengers, and other dangerous people. And all of this from the backs of horses, carrying you through the steppes. Of course, always with a revolver and other weapons. There are encounters with hostile gangs and much more in the Wild West.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Games

In total, 5(6) Red Dead games have been released. The series began in 2004 with the game Red Dead Revolver, which was released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. This game sold a total of 500,000 copies, making the franchise an instant hit.

In 2010, the first Red Dead Redemption was released, which was an absolute bestseller. It won players over especially with its open world and the possibility to play online. The game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and sold more than 7.6 million copies. Along with Red Dead Redemption, the free browser game Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers was released on Facebook to promote the main game.

A few months after the success of Redemption, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare was released. This game tells an independent story to Redemption, but with a major addition of zombies in this game. This game sold 1.1 million copies. All three of these games were developed by Rockstar San Diego.

Finally, we come to Red Dead Redemption 2 from 2018 and Red Dead Online from 2019. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the latest and most popular game in the series, shining with over 36 million sales. Red Dead Online is not a proper game of its own, but merely a stripped-down version of Red Dead Redemption 2, which only allows you to play multiplayer, but not the story.

Story of Red Dead Revolver

The part where we report about the stories is full of spoilers. If you do NOT want to be spoiled, simply click here to skip all spoilers.

Red Dead Redemption

In Red Dead Revolver, you play Red Harlow in the 1880s. In his childhood, he is given a revolver by his father. General Diego also wants this revolver and has the family killed to get it. Red manages to shoot off the attacker’s arm with the revolver, known as the Scorpion Revolver, and escape. A few years later, Red returns to take revenge on his family’s murderers. During this time, Red becomes a recognized bounty hunter and gunslinger.

The town’s sheriff gives Red new missions to defeat criminals. Through his job, Red gets closer and closer to his family’s murderers, and his dream of revenge becomes more and more a reality.

Story of Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is set in the Wild West in America, near the Mexican border in the year 1911. The former outlaw John Marston is forced by the authorities to catch one of his gang members. Only then can he get his kidnapped family back. In the desert town of Armadillo, his first attempt fails, but John doesn’t give up. He continues to pursue the target person into Mexico, where he works with rebels and the government to achieve his goal.

Red Dead Redemption

Meanwhile, John must also help overthrow the corrupt Colonel Allende. Eventually, John manages to kill his target person and another gang member. The former leader of the gang, Dutch van der Linde, ultimately commits suicide, and thus the former gang comes to an end. Afterward, John returns to his family as planned and lives a quiet and relaxed life as a farmer.

However, John is betrayed by the federal agent he worked with and is killed. Then you play John’s son Jack, who seeks revenge on his father’s murderer after his mother’s death. But the fate of Jack remains an open secret as the game ends at this point.

Story of Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

In Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, you play Marston. One night, he and his wife are woken up by his uncle, who has turned into a zombie. While Marston gets his weapon, his son and wife are infected. He locks his wife and child in the house and sets out to find a doctor. After realizing in the next town that there are infected everywhere, he follows some rumors and goes to Mexico. There he finds the Aztec gods Ayauhteotl, in the form of a little girl. In a cave, Marston must hand over masks he previously found to end the plague. This helps, but these masks are later stolen by Seth. Now it’s Marston’s task to rid the world of zombies once and for all.

Story of Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in the year 1899. You play Arthur Morgan, a member of the well-known Dutch van der Linde gang. After a botched robbery in Blackwater, the gang tries to flee eastward from the law enforcers. But that doesn’t stop the gang from continuing to commit crimes. They also carry out a train robbery on the train of the rich oil magnate Leviticus Cornwall. After this robbery, Cornwall sets the Pinkerton Detective Agency on the gang.

Red Dead Redemption

The game consists of an epilogue and six chapters. They report on the journey and struggles of the Dutch van der Linde gang on their way east. Internal tensions and pursuit by the Pinkerton Detective Agency await you.

In the final chapter, the situation worsens. Arthur contracts tuberculosis and must decide whether to fight for money or his friends. This decision determines the death and survival of his gang.

In the epilogue, you play the already known John Marston, who tries to build a new life. But ultimately, he is pulled back into his past. The game ends with the establishment of his ranch and his marriage to his wife Abigail. Thus, the game directly connects to its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption.

Development of Gameplay

The first game in the Red Dead series is Red Dead Revolver. In this third-person game, you get new bounty assignments from the sheriff of the Western desert town Brimstone. In total, 27 levels/chapters await you, taking you to various places, such as a ghost town or a train. The areas can be freely explored and often offer small details, making exploration worthwhile. Often there are duels in which you must defeat your opponent with the Dead Eye function, a kind of slow motion. For this, the camera moves closer to the player.

Red Dead Redemption

Six years later, in 2010, Red Dead Redemption came to the market. This game was much less linear than its predecessor. Here there was now a main mission and some side missions to keep you busy. Red Dead Redemption is an open-world game where you can decide which mission you want to do. Also, this game is played in the third person. You can explore the open world either on foot, on horseback, by carriage, or in parts by train. In battles, you can take cover like in GTA V and shoot at your enemies either blindly or targeted. You also have many weapons available, such as shotguns, rifles, explosives, and much more.

The latest game is Red Dead Redemption 2. Here too, it is an open-world third-person game. One of the new features is hunting. You can hunt animals in the world and skin them for resources. This allows you to craft new, better equipment or sell the loot for some money. All NPCs have a fixed routine, making the world look very lively.

Multiplayer Modes in Red Dead Games

Only the two main games Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 have a multiplayer mode. In Red Dead Redemption, there were some modes that you could play online with up to 16 players. There were modes like Deathmatch, Grab the Bag, or Capture the Flag. Additionally, there is the Free Roam mode, where the player can explore the world of Red Dead Redemption alone or with friends. Here, players can join forces and form clans. These clans can then also fight against other player clans in clan battles.

Red Dead Redemption

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the main focus of multiplayer is the open world. Here you can explore the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2 with some friends. You can hunt together and, of course, play missions. These missions are action-packed and offer you long-lasting fun. But that’s not all. There are also PvP modes where you can fight alone or with some friends against other players. Be it in Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, or other modes. With the purchase of Red Dead Online, you only unlock the multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption 2. However, this does not allow you to play the story of Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead for free with GTA+

A few days ago, Rockstar Games announced that Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare would be added to GTA+. But what exactly is GTA+? GTA+ is a subscription that you can sign up for at Rockstar Games. It gives you some free cars, outfits, and an XXL garage in GTA Online, but also much more. While you have the subscription, you can play Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and now, of course, Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Nightmare for free. The price has not changed with the new games added to GTA+.

GTA+ is only available for Xbox and PlayStation and costs 5.99€ per month. The benefits for GTA Online change regularly, and there is always free in-game money. This subscription is cancelable monthly.

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