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Men of War Spiele


What is the Men of War series?

The Men of War series are RTS games, meaning Real-Time Strategy games. The games are always set during wartime, be it World War I, the Vietnam War, or even the Cold War. The Men of War games have delved into many of the major wars, creating exciting yet challenging video games. You must position your troops well to provide good cover while still defeating your opponents.

Men of War 2

Of course, you’ll also encounter tanks that you can’t easily take out. It’s always important to lose as few troops as possible to win the war, so be wary of such dangers. Tanks are best defeated with anti-tank weapons or your own tanks, so you must always be prepared for anything.

Men of War Games

The Men of War series has been around for many years now. So naturally, there are already several games. One of them was released just a few days ago, but let’s start at the beginning with the first game in the series. You would expect the first installment to simply be called “Men of War,” but no. The Men of War series had many different names in its time. The first game was called: Soldiers: Heroes of World War II. This game was released for PC in 2004. It had both single-player and multiplayer modes. It was developed by Best Way.

Following that, in 2006, came the game Faces of War, yes, the name still wasn’t Men of War, but spoiler alert: that’s coming up soon. Faces of War was released in September 2006, just like its predecessor, with both single-player and multiplayer. So you could play these games perfectly at a LAN party together. And then, in 2008, it happened. Men of War was released, to be precise, on June 19, 2004. This game, like all the others, was developed by Best Way and deals with World War II. This game was also only released for PC.

Men of War 2

Now the name has been established, and the following games all came out under the name Men of War. In 2009, Men of War: Red Tide was released. However, this game was not developed by Best Way, but by 1C Entertainment. This game could be played not only on PC but also via cloud through the OnLive cloud service. Men of War: Red Tide was the standalone expansion for Men of War. It included some bug fixes and a larger campaign with a total of 28 missions in 6 different campaigns. However, this game was only available in single-player and did not have multiplayer like the others.

In 2011, two games were released at once: Men of War: Assault Squad and Men of War Vietnam. Both games were published by 1C Company, but only Men of War: Vietnam was developed by them. Men of War: Assault Squad was developed by Digitalmindsoft. Both games were only available on PC. The next game was released in 2012 under the name Men of War: Condemned Heroes. This game was developed by 1C Entertainment and even had a co-op mode.

After that, a sequel was released for the 2011 Men of War: Assault Squad. This was released in 2014 under the name Men of War: Assault Squad 2. This, like its predecessor, was developed by Digitalmindsoft. In 2019, an expansion called Cold War was added to this game. This expansion featured a dynamic campaign that could be played alone or in co-op.

Men of War 2

The latest game in the series is Men of War 2. This game was released just a few days ago on May 15. This game is now available on Steam and offers stunningly realistic graphics. Fight here on the fronts of World War II and hold the line. Historical tanks and much more await you.

Game Mechanics

Let’s talk a bit more about perhaps the most interesting and newest game in the series, Men of War 2. This game is still brand new and has piqued the interest of many new players. Compared to the older games, this game naturally has much better graphics, making it stand out.

As mentioned earlier, the Men of War games are RTS, or Real-Time Strategy games. That means you’re not directly on the battlefield, only your troops, which you must command. You must give orders to your troops and position them in tactically smart locations. Thus, you can try to lure your enemies into an ambush and effectively eliminate them.

Men of War 2

You can do this in several game modes. There’s the single-player mode, where you play historical campaigns alone, battles that really happened in World War II. Play as Russians or Americans and defend Europe from the Nazis. Here you can assemble your battalions yourself and try to defeat your opponents. But the best part is, you can play this campaign with up to 4 people, making it even more strategic through your discussions.

Then there’s the multiplayer mode. Here you can engage in exciting strategic battles against other players. There’s the option to play 5v5 battles, where good teamwork is important to avoid rushing into enemy tanks alone. But there are also exciting 1v1 duels, where you must test your own skills against other players. Additionally, there are leagues and matchmaking, giving you an extra sense of achievement and a goal through a win.

Men of War 2 strives to remain very realistic and therefore has many realistic units. There are a total of 45 battalions, which you can still edit, and almost 400 different units. So, you can definitely create the perfect battalion for your play style or opponent.

Men of War 2

Additionally, in Men of War 2, you can adjust almost everything very freely, such as your HUD and much more. So, you can tailor the gaming experience perfectly to you. If you have little time, you can simply go into a pre-made battle with fixed units and dive straight into the action without much preparation. Additionally, the game has free mod support, meaning anyone can create mods for Men of War 2 and easily publish them in the Steam Workshop. Thus, the game can be infinitely expanded by the community, whether through new campaigns or new units.

Is Men of War 2 Worth It?

If you’re a fan of the Men of War series, you should definitely not miss out on Men of War 2 with all its new features and exciting campaign. But even if you’re not familiar with the Men of War series, you can perfectly jump in with Men of War 2. The game is very beginner-friendly and can be played even without prior RTS experience. So, you don’t have to stress if you’ve never played an RTS game before. Everything is explained very well in the tutorial, making the entry quite easy.

The price for this game, at €44.99, is appropriate. It’s not too expensive, but of course, it’s still quite a bit of money, so I’ll give you a tip on how to save money on the purchase.

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