Park Beyond – Create the Universe’s Greatest Theme Park

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment treated us during gamescom 2021 with announcements, reveals, and trailers, with some of their games winning awards such as Elden Ring, Tales of Arise, and Just Dance 2022. One of those games was Park Beyond, a theme park building game that won the Best Simulation award.

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Park Beyond is a modern take on the theme park simulator, and developers Limbic Entertainment have promised to give you the tools to explore your creativity and wild sides.

  what is Park Beyond?  

As the new Visioneer at Cloudstormers, your new task is to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the thrill-seeking visitors to your attendance-hit theme parks.

Suppose you want to finally build the theme park of your dreams without needing to worry about realism or visitor safety. In that case, you will love the Impossification system that Park Beyond features.

Impossification is a new engineering process developed by your team that allows you to build breathtaking rides while ignoring the mundane laws of physics and gravity.

  when does Park Beyond release?  

To build the impossible, you will need inspiration, and for that, you can generate Amazement, a resource collected from your guests as they explore your park and get excited.

The Amazement collected can then be used to build physics-defying roller coasters, underwater attractions, and even space shuttles to blast your visitors into the stratosphere.

  pre-order Park Beyond game key  

Park Beyond is not all about dreaming up big ideas and creating rides for thrill-seekers. There is also a deep strategy game here that requires careful management of your economy.

And that shouldn’t be a surprise as Limbic Entertainment is better known for Tropico 6, a construction and management simulation game, where politics and economy are equally important.

The plan for Park Beyond seems to be to create the perfect game using elements from Parkitect, Planet Coaster, and RollerCoaster Tycoon.

  Park Beyond features  

There is a lot of hype building for the game, and if, like us, you love your carousels, cannons, candylands, pirate ships, and water rides, you may want to stick this on your Allkeyshop wishlist now ahead of its 2022 launch.




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