One Piece Odyssey – New Open World JRPG Announced

31 March 2022 at 19:52 in Gaming News with no comments

One Piece Odyssey celebrates 25 years of One Piece, featuring the series’ author Eiichiro Oda’s new character designs.

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Bandai Namco is proud to announce its upcoming JRPG, One Piece Odyssey, coming to PC and consoles this year. The game was officially unveiled during a live stream at the One Piece official Youtube channel featuring Bandai Namco.

One Piece Odyssey’s announcement is part of the preparations for the original manga’s 25th anniversary this year.


What is One Piece Odyssey?


One Piece Odyssey is an open-world role-playing game which follows the journey of the Straw Hats with Monkey D. Luffy leading them. The game presents an original story, as well as new characters and monsters created by the mangaka himself, Eiichiro Oda.

  Who is making one piece Odyssey?  

The trailer shows that the Straw Hats were swallowed by a huge storm at sea and find themselves separated with each other in a mysterious island. The Thousand Sunny becomes completely broken, too.

  Is one piece odyssey turn based?  

As Luffy sets out to find his crew members, things suddenly take an unexpected turn. In addition to exploring the mysterious island, the crew will be taking on quests, unravel mysteries, and face monsters in turn-based battles.


Who are the playable characters in One Piece Odyssey?

  who are the playable characters in one piece odyssey?  

As of this post, we can confirm that One Piece Odyssey will feature the following playable characters:

  • Luffy
  • Zorro
  • Nami
  • Usopp
  • Sanji
  • Chopper
  • Robin
  • Frankie
  • Brook
  • Adio

Adio is a brand-new character who will join Luffy and his crew as they scout the island.

  who is adio in one piece odyssey?

One Piece Odyssey Release Date and Platforms

  one piece odyssey release date  

As of now, Bandai Namco has set the game’s release for 2022, but press releases imply that it will coincide with the 25th year celebration of the manga. It was first released in July 22, 1997.

One Piece Odyssey will be available on PC, PS4/PS5, and Xbox One/Xbox Series.


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