Omega Crafter: Explore, Build, Survive – Get 10% Off Your Game Key Today

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Omega Crafter: Explore, Build, Survive - Get 10% Off Your Game Key Today

Omega Crafter is a newly released game developed and published by Preferred Networks, released as an Early Access title on 29 March 2024. It’s an open-world game with survival elements, reminiscent of Palworld at times, but instead of friendly creatures, it features little robots called Grammis, which will assist us during the adventure and daily tasks.

Where to Find Omega Crafter at the Best Price

Omega Crafter is available on the Steam Store as an Early Access title, and to celebrate its launch, the Preferred Networks team has added a 10% discount on their new game, available until 5th April 2024. But thanks to Allkeyshop, you can save even more on this new game, getting Omega Crafter for less than €20.

What is Omega Crafter

Omega Crafter is a game developed and published by the Preferred Network, a team with a rather unique history. In fact, Preferred Network (PFN) is a Japanese startup that seems to focus on Deep Learning and other related technologies, such as those concerning transportation optimization, production processes, Sports Analysis, but also Educational and Entertainment. These latter two elements are precisely related to Omega Crafter, announced initially on 2nd February 2023, and then with the more recent Taipei Game Show in January with the showcase.

Omega Crafter is certainly a title inspired by the most recent Pokémon games, and especially Palworld, but it seems to focus more on the crafting aspect. Therefore, we will have an open-world accompanied by the survival system, where we will be accompanied by the cute robot helpers Grammis. With the ability to Program the Grammis, we will be able to assign tasks and routines to our helpers, who will help us optimize but above all relegate the most tedious tasks to them. Being able to explore the game world in the meantime in search of materials and craft weapons and equipment to defeat the most formidable enemies, alone or in co-op with friends!


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