No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update Adds Squadrons

18 April 2022 at 19:51 in Gaming News with no comments

No Man’s Sky update 3.85 adds outlaw systems, improves space combat, and adds the ability to recruit your own squadron.

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No Man’s Sky continues to improve with every patch, and in their latest free update, Hello Games adds lots more content.

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New Solar Ships can be found throughout the universe and come in procedurally-generated variations.

Solar Ships are high-tech starships with unique technologies and efficient pulse engines.

These new ships are commonly found in outlaw systems, areas of space where pirates roam freely.

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Rebel forces run new outlaw star systems, and you can find merchants, marketplaces, and mission agents unique to these systems.

Just be careful if purchasing from merchants in outlaw systems or accepting missions to shuffle goods to another system as system authorities will now scan passing ships for illegal goods.

Completing missions in outlaw systems will earn you new rewards and exclusive customizations.

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Exploring dangerous areas of the universe just got a little easier as you can now recruit pilots into your squadron.

These wingmen can be managed and upgraded with detailed stats on skills, traits, and battle statistics.

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You can unlock additional pilot slots, train your existing squadron members, and upgrade for combat.

Your wingmen will automatically warp to your location during combat, and you can have them fly in formation with you at any time.

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Of course, with the new ship types, systems, and squadron updates, it makes sense that Hello Games has improved combat.

Combat visuals see an overhaul for muzzle flashes, lighting, projectiles, and explosions.

Starship weapons have been rebalanced, and weapons tweaked to offer different shield and hull damage.

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And finally, Expedition Six begins as you journey across the universe to search for treasure and stop The Blight.

No Man’s Sky continues to go from strength to strength, and it’s no wonder the game recently won the Best Evolving Game award at the 2022 BAFTA Game Awards.




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