No Man’s Sky Endurance Update Now Available

26 July 2022 at 19:11 in Gaming News with no comments

The No Man’s Sky Endurance update is now available, and overhauls space bases and freighters. 

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Endurance is No Man’s Sky 20th major free update since the game’s release, and this one includes reworks for freighter captains and space bases.

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As a freighter captain, you can now command an entire armada of frigates from a new bridge and instantly warp and teleport.

You can join your crew, who live among the stars, as you go on spacewalks on exterior walkways and take in the views from portholes and windows.

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These new freighter bases can be used to grow food, craft goods, and help you explore the universe.

A more varied and significant number of asteroids means you have more resources to build upon your space base.

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No Man’s Sky Endurance is free to download and play now.




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