No Collaboration For Dontnod and Deck Nine Studios on Life is Strange Before the Storm Game

30 August 2017 at 12:23 in Gaming News with no comments

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In an interview with IBTimes UK, Zak Garriss, the writer of the Life is Strange Before the Storm Game said that they (Deck Nine) had no collaboration with the Life is Strange creator Dontnod Entertainment.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm

From the start of the game, there had been no collaboration done between Deck Nine and Dontnod Entertainment. Instead, Deck Nine was able to work with the core group of Square Enix that worked on Life is Strange.

“So from the beginning, Dontnod hasn’t collaborated with us, we haven’t collaborated with them,” said Garriss. “From concept to full production it’s been the team at Deck Nine working with the core team at Square that worked on the first game”.

Deck Nine was challenged by Square to show them what Life is Strange is and what it can be and give them a story that is within that world.

Life is Strange Before the Storm Game

Also, since Before the Storm is done by a different studio, what they did is to set the timeframe of the game way back from the previous game. “ We deliberately set it far enough back that this isn’t the story of Rachel Amber’s disappearance. This isn’t that story. This isn’t the story of what happens right before Max comes back to town”.

So, whether you were able to play the first game or not, you can still enjoy Before the Storm since it has a completely different story.

Garriss adds, “This is a separate story about Chloe meeting Rachel, so even the most diehard fans from the first game, they’re not going to know how Before the Storm is gonna end. You’re gonna be confronted with certain moral choices that will be challenging and difficult. There’s consequences, it’s gonna be hard to foresee”.

Life is Strange Before the Storm is a three part episodic game. It officially launches its first episode on 31 August available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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