3 New Games Added to Nintendo Switch Online in April

12 April 2024 at 18:36 in Gaming News with no comments
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Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription needed for online play, has received 3 new free games today. Nintendo is trying to make the online subscription more attractive, which is why they have added some retro games to the subscription. Find out which games they are and how you can save money when purchasing this subscription here.

Key Information

  • Starting today, enjoy 3 new retro games for free with Nintendo Switch Online.
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What is Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Switch Online is the online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch required to play games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and many others online. Additionally, this subscription gives you access to many old Nintendo games, which are now playable again on the Switch.

Which Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

A total of three new games are being added to the free lineup. The games joining this month are: Wrecking Crew 98, Amazing Hebereke, and SUPER R-Type. All of these games were originally developed for the Super NES but can now be played on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Online April 2024

Let’s start with Wrecking Crew 98. In this game, you have to rain blocks down on your opponent to win the duel. The game is played 1 vs. 1. With color combinations, you can remove blocks on your side or individually with your hammer. This results in fast, short rounds that always bring excitement.

Next, we have Amazing Hebereke. In this game, you find yourself with up to 4 players on a flying platform, viewed from above. The goal is to knock out the opponents. You can jump against them or find power-ups on the ground. The rounds in this game are very fast, making it the perfect game for in-between moments.

Lastly, we have SUPER R-TYPE. This shoot’em up from 1991 is a single-player game. Your task is to protect the world from aliens in your spaceship. Through power-ups, you can upgrade your weapons and achieve a better score. There are a total of 7 levels and a final boss, with 3 different difficulty levels.

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