New World’s Combat System Explained

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  Amazon New World Combat System Explained  

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New World, Amazon’s MMO title is set to launch into beta in a couple of weeks, ahead of its full release next month, and we go through what we know about combat so far.


New World recently had a new trailer released, showcasing some of the combat with clean visuals, but didn’t reveal anything about skills or weapons. So, how does combat work in New World?

As a member of one of the three factions, you will face the reality of battle in either Corrupted Invasions or War.

A Corrupted Invasions will see the legions of Corrupted attack a Territory’s fort in escalating waves. If the invasion is successful and the Fort falls, the Territory will lose upgrades such as turrets, crafting stations, and fort gates. Corrupted Invasions will occur every four days or so.

War, on the other hand, will see a Faction attack another Faction’s Territory. This is done by weakening the Territory by performing missions, to a point where War can be declared. Factions are made up of companies, and when War is declared a random Company is chosen to lead the Faction into combat, with the Governor of the selected able to pick from their own ranks for the 50 v 50 War.

When it comes to weapons, with many MMOs, New World features a weapon mastery system, where players can earn XP for a weapon’s mastery by defeating creatures. Leveling up a chosen weapon mastery upgrades a skill tree, earning unlockable abilities, passives, and bonuses, with each weapon having its own exclusives.

We will know a lot more about New World’s combat when the game launches on August 25, 2020, with the game available for pre-sale now.



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