New World: Windsward Region Detailed

3 June 2021 at 19:00 in Gaming News with no comments

The latest video from Amazon’s upcoming MMO, New World, shows us the region of Windsward in more detail.

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In the latest video in the “Touring Aeternum” series, New World shows us what we can discover, expect, and do in Windsward.


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Windsward Town

Windsward is located in the South of Aeternum and is a gatherer’s dream, full of natural resources such as wood, stone, and water.


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In the center of the region is Windsward Town, a settlement where you can find a forge and stations to craft melee weapons and clothes.

You can also visit the tannery, where you can craft ranged weapons or build furniture for your home.

You can also rest at The Southern Breeze, an inn located in the South of the town.



If PvP and warfare are more your things, in the Northwest of the region lies Windsward Fort.


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At the fort, factions will fight for control of the land, with defenders armed with repeater and ballista weapons.

Attackers will want to sneak to the rear of the fort, where there are fewer defenses and plenty of entryways to slip through.



Now, of course, it would not be an MMO without exploration, and if you head North of Windsward Town, you will discover Amrine Temple.

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Built by the ancients, the temple may contain endless treasures, but it will be a place to avoid as a terrifying skeleton force guards it.

If you want to explore, make sure to avoid the farms because the Withered roam freely and stay clear of the region’s boundaries as the Corrupted are amassing in numbers.

Windsward is a place of opportunity, and those willing to explore its entirety will find amazing places to hunt, fish, scavenge, and discover.




New World has seen a few delays but will now finally release on August 31, 2021. The game will launch for Microsoft Windows and is developed by Amazon Game Studios.




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