New World – Outpost Rush Mode Still Bug-Filled Mess

2 November 2021 at 19:26 in Gaming News with no comments

Amazon’s New World has proven a smash-hit among MMO and RPG fans, but one mode, Outpost Rush, has seen nothing but problems for the game and players.

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Outpost Rush is a 20v20 PvPvE mode in which teams fight for forts and battle each other for points. The first team to 1000 points wins.

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At least, that is what the mode is supposed to be, but in recent days Outpost Rush mode has been disabled and repeatedly re-enabled as Amazon tries to fix the bugs plaguing it.

Previously, Outpost Rush mode was disabled as its various bugs would prevent players from respawning, lock the player in the mode, freeze players in the queue, and disable the player’s map and UI.

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On October 27, Amazon launched patch 1.04 for New World and re-enabled the game mode and world transfers, but players still have issues with Outpost Rush.

Known Bugs In Outpost Rush:

  • Permanent Bloodlust on Greataxe
  • Crouching activates healing
  • Houses and items disappearing
  • Players not receiving Gold or items
  • Unable to respawn
  • Amber and Intelligence gems not working

Outpost Rush is currently still enabled, although some players are struggling to play it, with Amazon not releasing an ETA for fixes or confirming if the mode will again be disabled or not.




There is currently a new bug affecting every New World server and player who has sold items on the Trading Post.

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The bug prevents players from receiving gold or items from any auction sales while they are offline.

The bug also prevents anyone who has active buy or sell orders from transferring to another server.

Fortunately, Amazon has already promised that anyone affected will receive their items and gold when the fix goes live, although they have not yet given a date or time for the fix.




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