New Gex Trilogy Trailer Released – Get Updates & Release Window Info

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New Gex Trilogy Trailer Released – Get Updates & Release Window Info

With the recent Limited Run Games Showcase 2024, the showcase of the now famous publisher of limited and physical collector’s editions, comes a slew of announcements of many names that haven’t been heard in years. Names that, despite an absence of over 20 years, still remain in the hearts of many longtime players. Among which certainly stands out the name Gex, with the announcement of a Remaster of the Trilogy.

Gex Trilogy – The announcement trailer at LRG3 2024

During the LRG3 showcase, held on 20th June 2024, we witnessed well over 20 game announcements with a showcase lasting almost 40 minutes. And right towards the second half, we witnessed the announcement of the Gex Trilogy. The result of the promise and teaser released in July last year.

One of the many fantastic pieces of news from Limited Run Games, which also included the announcement not only of many other classic games, but also of new releases from their catalog. News that certainly didn’t go unnoticed by veterans, who will soon be able to replay the entire trilogy of secret agent Gex with the remaster.

What is Gex and when will the trilogy be released

Well, the Gex series was born in 1995 by Crystal Dynamics, a platformer game with a bizarre story featuring Gex, an anthropomorphic gecko. After becoming a billionaire thanks to an inheritance, from the first game he will be recruited as a Secret Agent to thwart the plans of the main villain and antagonist Rez. Gex became the mascot of Crystal Dynamics for several years.

The series offers a mainly platformer game, in which as Gex we will explore various parts of the world. All accompanied by a strong sense of humor, with many quotes and phrases from 90s pop culture. In short, a great return of a classic that many thought was lost, which for the first time will be available as the entire trilogy with emulation through Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine. A launch still to be specified, but with pre-orders available in Fall 2024, and a confirmed release for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC expected for 2024. With further news about the trilogy coming soon from Limited Run Games.


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