NBA 2K22 – New Tweaks Overhaul Defense and Offense

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NBA 2K22 launches September 10, 2021, and ahead of its launch, 2K Games and Visual Concepts have been showing off some of the new gameplay tweaks and enhancements to this year’s edition.  

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NBA 2K22’s release date is fast approaching, and this year, the franchise is looking to revamp some of its core mechanics to make it more realistic and competitive than ever.

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In a recent Courtside Report published by Visual Concepts, the developers announced some significant changes.

Hopefully, all the new tweaks and revamped gameplay mechanics will mean faster gameplay, more responsive controls, and skill-based offense.




In previous games, the defense has often lacked the tools to influence the outcome of matches, but that looks to be changing this year.

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The completely rebuilt shot contest and blocking systems reward good defensive actions and aggressive blocking.

Now, crowding out the shooter and shoving a hand in their face will more likely produce airballs and misses, which can provide an opportunity for the defensive team to attack and swing the balance of play.

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The new defensive system couldn’t work without the tweak to motion, allowing for more movement freedom for the ball handler and on-ball defender.

There is now more of an emphasis on the steal attribute for stealers, with a higher number resulting in more pinching of pockets and dunk strips at the hoop.




The most significant change in offense seems to be the 1-to-1 size ups. These now offer improved dribbling capabilities.

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Performing an NBA star’s signature move no longer results in a preset movie but instead is now directly controlled by the player to allow for more authentic in-game moments.

You now have all-new combos, move-chains, and cancels that you can perform to best your opponent.

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The whole idea behind the changes was to make dribbling faster, tighter, and more skill-based.

The changes have also seen height compensation modified, with smaller players no longer slower than their taller counterparts if they have the same Speed with Ball rating.

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Other tweaks have seen shooting focus more on Shot IQ, with bad shots now punished, the shot meter improved to reflect a shooter’s stats.

You can still turn the shot meter off, which results in boosts, but don’t expect every bad shot to find anything but net still.




There are many adjustments to this year’s 2K NBA game, and all of it is to make playing basketball fun again.

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There are overhauls to defensive AI, finishing, and MyPLAYER builds, all of which will make the court floor a more competitive space.




NBA 2K22 is available to buy now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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