Moving Out Accessibility Options Revealed

14 April 2020 at 15:35 in Allkeyshop Gaming News, Gaming News with no comments
Moving Out  

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Moving Out is due to be released later this month and with it comes a whole host of accessibility options to make the game easier for everyone to enjoy.

Accessibility options and settings are nothing new in video games, but Moving Out is taking it further with what could be a big step for games.

Players in Moving Out will be able to use the scalable UI to adjust the size and positioning of HUD elements, an idea that many games feature.

Moving Out offers a Dyslexic Friendly Text mode, which swaps the default font of the game with a much clearer and less stylized one. The game will also have full subtitle options for all in-game speech.

Again, the game offers what is widely offered already with its options to fully remap keyboard controls and preset controller profiles. It will however also offer left-handed and right-handed only controller configurations for those wanting a more comfortable experience.



Moving Out is a game for everyone and because of that, the game offers plenty of gameplay-related assist features with the in-game Assist Mode.

Players can use Assist Mode to adjust the gameplay to their liking if needed, with increased time limits available, less difficult level layouts, and even level-skip features.

Moving Out is set to launch on April 28, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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