Microsoft: Switch to Xbox Energy Saving Mode

14 March 2022 at 19:39 in Gaming News with no comments

Microsoft has asked all Xbox owners to switch their console to Energy Saving Mode as they look to fulfill their commitment to be more sustainable by 2030.

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In their latest sustainability update, Microsoft reiterated their commitment towards carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste by 2030.

  how to turn on energy saver mode on my xbox?  

Microsoft have been working hard to make Xbox consoles and products environmentally friendly for a few years.

Xbox consoles already start in Energy Saver mode by default, which saves “20 times less power” than Standby mode and can be used to download game and system updates.

  is Xbox environmental friendly?  

By 2030, Microsoft wants all Xbox products and accessories, including all Microsoft product packaging, to be 100% recyclable.

Xbox Series X and Series S consoles were deemed 97% recyclable last year, and Xbox gift cards were changed from plastic to paperboard, saving more than 500,000 kg of plastic waste.

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To get you involved, Microsoft offers a variety of programs that will help you learn and take part in a more sustainable world.

How to Get Involved in Microsoft’s Sustainable Energy Initiative:

  • Enable Energy Saver Mode on your Xbox: Settings > Sleep Mode & Startup > Sleep Mode > Energy Saver.
  • Trade your used laptop, tablet, phone, or console with the Microsoft Store Online Trade-in Program.
  • Trade-in using the Consumer Mail-back Program – available for free for eligible devices.
  • Learn about climate change, sustainable infrastructure, and solutions in Minecraft.
  • Use Xbox Wireless Controllers and Xbox Series S console that utilizes PCR resins.
  • Select Ground Shipping when buying from the Microsoft Store to have your product delivered in the fewest carbon emissions.




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