Microsoft Gives Blizzard Creative Freedom After Acquisition

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Microsoft Gives Blizzard Creative Freedom After Acquisition

In a recent interview with VGC, a situation concerning the future of Blizzard under the Microsoft umbrella has emerged. This situation was finalized at the end of 2023 and will begin to take effect only in the coming months. A subject of discussion and often fear among fans of the series, who see potential changes in a Blizzard already criticized in the past, as something irreparable for the company. But the interview seems to address and answer these fears with a positive spin.

Holly Longdale Talks World of Warcraft Regarding Microsoft

In this exclusive interview with VGC, Holly Longdale, the executive producer behind World of Warcraft and also vice president, speaks. Holly talks about her experience in the last 6 months with Microsoft as positive and very supportive. Being able to exchange opinions and experiences with the Mojang team, but also with that of Elder Scrolls Online. Holly recounts that so far there has been no pressure from Microsoft, and they have given the team carte blanche to decide how to proceed with the WoW franchise. Almost as if to say “let Blizzard be Blizzard”.

The Future of Blizzard with Microsoft

Although Holly Longdale’s words may be reassuring, they only show one recent aspect of the situation. This troubled and lengthy Microsoft acquisition, which began on January 18, 2022, only concluded on October 13, 2023, with numerous appeals and interventions by antitrust bodies from several nations, to which Sony joined to slow down the process. An acquisition coveted by the Microsoft team and paid for dearly, it is indeed said to be worth a whopping $75.4 billion. Figures that Microsoft definitely intends to recover with this new investment, by leveraging the name of Diablo, World of Warcraft, Warcraft and any IP from Blizzard that could be used going forward.

Previous situations tell of others. If Bethesda had a green light for some years, it is apparent how more recently the situation is decidedly different. So much so that many point to the Redfall flop as the turning point in Bethesda, a change that was strongly felt in Starfield, a title with potential but very sterile compared to Bethesda’s classic approach, often criticized but eventually appreciated. Microsoft definitely has important names in the gaming world on its side, and it is not unlikely that moving forward these games and services can be integrated into their Game Pass, which continues to expand with new titles and often games available from Day One. All that remains is to monitor the situation, hoping for the best for Blizzard’s future.


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