Metal: Hellsinger – Rhythm FPS from Hell Review Scores

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Metal: Hellsinger, the rhythm shooter set in Hell is out now and we’ve got the review scores.

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Metal: Hellsinger - Review Scores    

Key Facts

  • Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm-based FPS.
  • Metal: Hellsinger is available to buy and download now.
  • The game currently sits at “Very Positive” on Steam.



Metal: Hellsinger, a rhythm-based FPS that has you slaying demons through the eight Hells to a heavy metal soundtrack is out now, and the reviews reveal a pretty decent game.

  Metal: Hellsinger review score  

Metal: Hellsinger is about shooting in time with the beat, as you slay demons with various guns and blades and tear through Hell to defeat The Red Judge.

Fortunately, dozens of reviews of the game are already available, and we have listed a few of our favorite scores.

Metal: Hellsinger Review Scores:

  • VGC – 4/5
  • Metro – 7/10
  • IGN –  7/10
  • NME – 4/5
  • VG247 – 4/5
  • Eurogamer – 4/5
  • Gamespot – 8/10

All the reviews so far have been positive, and on Steam, the trend continues as Metal: Hellsinger currently sits on a “Very Positive” rating.

  Metal: Hellsinger soundtrack  

You can buy and play Metal: Hellsinger now and get on the road to Hell on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.




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