Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Voice Actor reveals Release Date

30 March 2023 at 19:44 in Gaming News with no comments

The new Spider-Man game from Marvel was already known to be released this fall, but now there is a more precise date, although it is not official.

By Kilian Kilian

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Key Facts

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is likely to be released in September.
  • You play as Peter and Miles and also try to lead a normal life in addition to your hero’s life.
  • A new dialogue system is expected to significantly enhance the game.

Tony Todd provides new information


Tony Todd, the voice actor of Venom, posted on Twitter on March 21st that it looks like the game will be released in September and a big presentation of the game will be held in August. 

However, this information is not official and may vary. 

The tweet has already been deleted, but this date is not ruled out. 

Tony also made it clear in his tweet that the game will be breathtaking, so we can be excited to learn more about the game.

Unfortunately, like its predecessor, the game will be exclusive to the PS5.


Story and technical innovations


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes place after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and tells us a completely new story of the two Spider-Men, Peter and Miles.

But in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it’s not just about an exciting hero story, but also about how two world-famous superheroes can lead a normal life and deal with all the difficulties that come with their job.

To achieve this, Elan Ruskin, the lead engine programmer, revealed that there will be a new cool dialogue technique. However, there is no further information available yet, only speculations from fans.

Fans believe that either the facial animations will be improved so that the texts match the lip movements exactly.

Or which is probably more exciting for most, that you can choose between multiple answers during dialogues, and these choices will have an impact on the game, such as whether Miles or Peter accepts a mission.

However, these are all just speculations, and we have to hope for more information from the developers.


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