Lost Ark Creators Announce ‘Lord Nine’ MMO – Launching in June

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It seems there’s some movement in the MMORPG world by Smilegate, the Korean development team behind Lost Ark and also famous for Crossfire. In fact, the South Korean studio and publisher recently released a teaser for a new MMO titled Lord Nine with a surprisingly close release date.

Lord Nine – Smilegate’s MMO Teaser and Release Date

With a CGI teaser released on 23rd May 2024, on the official Lord Nine YouTube channel (in Korean), Smilegate Megaport’s new MMORPG has certainly caused a stir, especially with its release date set for 6th June 2024. This date is much closer than one would expect given the teaser’s release just a few days ago. An interesting choice by Smilegate, which acts more as a publisher than a developer, considering the platforms planned for the game.

With the teaser announcement, the team also launched the game’s official page, currently only in Korean and Traditional Chinese. The page is very sparse, presenting no additional information beyond the teaser and the release date. While waiting for more info to come on the release date.

Lord Nine – What We Know About the New MMORPG

We know that Lord Nine has been in development since at least 2023, and investigating around, many have noticed that the game has been entrusted to the team at NX3 Games, behind other MMORPGs like Rohan Mobile. Indeed, Lord Nine is a multiplatform game that will be released on Android systems and PC. Unfortunately, it seems that the game will only be released in the confirmed countries of Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, although a global launch is expected at a later date.

From what we know, Lord Nine proposes to be an even more hardcore MMORPG than Lost Ark, also offering an RvR system with about 600 simultaneous players. However, we will have to see how this approach affects game and visual performance, given that the game will also be available on Android. For further information, we will have to wait for the fateful date of 6th June 2024, hoping to also get some information about the global launch, and especially that the game can leverage the most appreciated aspects of Lost Ark and improve on the most criticized ones.


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