Lords of the Fallen Update 1.5 Live Now: Don’t Miss “Master of Fate” Features

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The long-awaited update 1.5 for Lords of the Fallen has finally arrived. An update that marks a series of targeted improvements and fixes to the gaming experience started since November 2023 and culminates with this latest free update dubbed Master of Fate. There are many new gameplay features ready to bring a fresh experience, as well as performance fixes aimed at a cleaner experience for this soulslike.

Lords of the Fallen: What Does Update 1.5 Bring

Released on the 13th October 2023, as a reboot of the 2013 title, Lords of The Fallen is an action RPG in the soulslike style from the team at Hexworks and published by CI Games. It’s a decidedly ambitious title that brought interesting mechanics, Umbral, and one of the first games made in Unreal Engine 5 that made use of the features of the new engine. Unfortunately, the game was initially hit by less than stellar optimization, especially for a soulslike game that requires attention and timing precision, with some features that weren’t particularly liked by the community. These features have been more or less reworked on during the months since launch with a total of 30 new updates. Among them, Patch 1.5 marks the end of the free updates aimed at improving the game and the experience.

Update 1.5 brings many new goodies both on the gameplay side and on optimization. Entitled Master of Fate, we have:

  • Performance and stability optimization and addition of AMD FSR3
  • Difficulty balancing, in split PvP and PvE
  • Increased stability in multiplayer mode
  • New Secret Bosses, New Weapon and Armor sets, and 12 New Spells
  • New Strikes for weapons with 1 Finisher for One-Handed Weapons and 2 for Two-Handed Weapons
  • 3 New Projectiles: Blood Vomit, Explosive Mines, and Frost Worms
  • QoL updates for inventory, storage functionality, etc.
  • Significant addition in the form of Modifiers to the game

Overview of Update 1.5 Master of Fate, Lords of the Fallen 2023

Right at the center of much of the interest is the addition of Modifiers to Lords of The Fallen. Modifiers aimed at creating a constantly new experience that at times recalls the features and typical runs of Roguelike games. So we have:

  • Ironman: Dying even in Umbral will bring you back to the beginning of the game, maintaining character and inventory progress.
  • Randomized Loot and Enemies: We can randomize loot and enemies, finding different weapons and equipment each time, as well as enemies. But it will not affect bosses and quest-related loot.
  • Pre-Upgraded Loot: The loot we find will already be enhanced based on our character’s level, making it usable immediately. Convenient to use with Randomized Loot.
  • Withered Healing: Every form of healing is transformed into Withered Healing, requiring a certain amount of damage to confirm the healing.
  • More Enemies: Being able to simply bump the amount of enemies throughout the game.
  • Vestige Decay: Where we can increase or decrease the amount of Vestige where to rest, for an experience where all Vestige are available, only some, or even very rare, making runs more difficult.

What does the future hold for Lords Of The Fallen and how to save on game keys

With this update titled Master of Fate, as Executive Producer Saul Gascon tells, there is the intention to bring the optimal experience of Lords of the Fallen and therefore update 1.5 has been placed as the final point of the project of free updates started in November 2023 to remedy the problems that have afflicted the game. We’re not yet sure which direction the Hexworks and CI Games team intends to take Lords of the Fallen, but it’s not unlikely that the team will release a new roadmap for the game’s future, probably with a mix of paid DLC and maybe some free ones as well. We’ll have to wait and see.


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