Latest Elden Ring Patch Makes Game Easier For New Players

21 April 2022 at 19:36 in Gaming News with no comments

Elden Ring’s latest patch improves gameplay stability, tweaks balance, and makes the game’s tutorial much easier for players to find.

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Elden Ring is one of this year’s greatest gaming successes, and it’s hard to find anyone that dislikes FromSoftware’s latest video game.

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The latest Elden Ring patch updates the game to version 1.04, tweaking the balance of various weapons and spells, fixes bugs, and helps new players by tweaking the tutorial.

Among the various balance changes, we see damage increases and decreases to numerous weapons.

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We also see decreased and increased FP cost and tweaks to casting speed and recovery time for sorcery and incantation skills.

But the significant change for new players comes in the form of Elden Ring’s tutorial area.

A tutorial is crucial for learning a game’s basic mechanics in any game, and Elden Ring’s tutorial is no different.


The Cave of Knowledge is found right at the beginning of the game and is found by dropping down a hole in the Stranded Graveyard.

However, many players missed the tutorial as dropping down a hole is often considered a bad idea, and the only bit of direction comes from speaking to an NPC.

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FromSoftware is not known for its tutorials or guidance, and many players ignore the NPC and the hole entirely to begin their journey, missing out on essential advice.

Completing the tutorial gives the players basic knowledge of guarding, dodging, and other combat techniques and a gesture.

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To help players find it better, FromSoftware has added a pop-up that will appear when a player gets close to the hole.

With the latest bug fixes, balance changes, and stability tweaks, now is the perfect time for new players to get into Elden Ring.




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