Know All About the Allkeyshop Support!

15 January 2018 at 09:32 in Gaming News with 3 comments

  Good day Allkeyshop Community!

We here at Allkeyshop would want you to know all about our brand new Allkeyshop Support knowledge base that will answer all of your queries. Common questions have been asked ever since we were operational. We have gathered all these and created a special site for you!

This will answer all your basic questions from “How to log in to Allkeyshop?” to the more detailed ones like “What is Allkeyshop Network?” or “Why prices are so low on“. It is a one-stop site that will surely answer most if not all your questions. And if you can’t find the answer here, you can always ask us in the “Chat with us” box, and our customer service representative will answer your question as soon as they can.

This, of course, is also available on our different sites and localized for each site in their native language, you can find the link on the top right corner of each site: = French = German = Spanish You can also switch languages directly in our support site, on the top or bottom right.  

Allkeyshop Rewards Program

The most common question about the Reward Program is “How to Earn points from the Daily Activities on Allkeyshop?” Here’s a quick video that will explain everything to you or go to this LINK to find an article in our new support website if you would like to know more. Another way to earn rewards through us is through the lotteries which you can know all about in the Allkeyshop Exclusive Wheel of Fortune.

Allkeyshop Bug/Error Bounty Program

If you want to earn even more points, we have a brand new bug bounty program. It is very easy, if you find a bug or error in any of our websites, you report it to us (via email or support live chat with the green “chat” button in the bottom right corner) and we will give you points for that report (when verified) ! Isn’t that crazy ? For more information about this bounty program, just click this LINK that will redirect you to an article on our support site that will explain everything.   That’s all folks! Hope you had a very informative time with this article. Did you find this helpful? Do share with us what you think in the comments below. You can also use the feedback button anywhere on the right of the site if you have any feedback or would like to see a specific article in our support knowledge base for exemple.