Kerbal Space Program 2: Entire Team to be Laid Off in June

30 May 2024 at 15:33 in Gaming News with no comments

According to a senior team manager at Intercept Games, the Kerbal Space Program 2 dev team could be laid off at the end of June.

Kerbal Space Program 2

Is Kerbal Space Program 2 Dev Team Being Laid Off

Intercept Games, the dev team behind space sandbox game Kerbal Space Program 2, is set to be laid off at the end of June according to Quinn Duffy, senior design manager at the company.

In a post on LinkedIn, Duffy says “The team at Intercept Games will be laid off as of June 28th so a great group will be out and about looking for their new roles. As will I.” The news is another blow to the gaming industry, with lay offs happening industry wide at EA, Take-Two, and KoekeN.

Kerbal Space Program 2 Lay Offs

The news will come as a particular bitter blow to the Intercept Games team after Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said the Kerbal Space Program 2 team had not been closed down earlier this month.

It’s a massive disappointment to the team, and hopefully, they all end up somewhere good with another games studio. Anyone who hasn’t tried Kerbal Space Program 2 should, because as Duffy says in his LinkedIn post, “Kerbal Space Program 2 is a delightful game, deeply engrossing, and incredibly pretty even in its early-access state, and I hope you have a chance to check it out.”

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