Kenshi on Sale: Grab a Cheap Key 67% Off and Conquer the Wasteland

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Kenshi on Sale: Grab a Cheap Key 67% Off and Conquer the Wasteland

As part of a mid-week discount, Kenshi, the open-world RPG by Lo-Fi Games, is available with a hefty 67% discount. Making it a rather enticing offer for fans of open-world RPGs with a strong base-building and control component.

Where to Find Kenshi at the Best Available Price

Kenshi is available as part of mid-week deals on the Steam Store, with a 67% discount off the list price bringing the title to just 8,90€ , but only available until 8 April 2024. But with Allkeyshop, you can save even more, bringing Kenshi home for just €7!

What is Kenshi

Kenshi is a strategic, open-world RPG developed and published by the indie team at Lo-Fi Games in 2018. A project developed for a whopping 12 years and initially by a single developer, Chris Hunt, starting from 2006. In fact, starting from 2013, Chris was able not only to quit working part-time and dedicate himself to the development of Kenshi but also to hire a small team to help him in the last 5 years of development.

Kenshi’s influences diverge from various works, on one hand, we have inspirations from wandering ronin, on the other hand, we have influences from classic post-apocalyptic works and also titles like Daggerfall in terms of map size. With a whopping 870 square kilometers of map to explore, full of life, with NPCs all with a name, a routine, and an alignment. We will have freedom in choosing our actions, being able to choose a neutral approach or lean towards being bad or good. Being able to build our team, making our companions level up and improve, in a ruthless game world where every enemy will be our equal in combat.


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