Is Xbox Game Pass Leaving Your Country? New Subscription Limits Facts

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Key Facts

  • Microsoft has set an Xbox Game Pass subscription limit of 13 months to eight countries
  • The previous worldwide limit was 36 months
  • The limit is in effect for Xbox Game Pass Core, Game Pame PC and Game Pass Console

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offered by Microsoft which allows members to play a library of hundreds of games on Xbox console, PC, or mobile device for a monthly price. New games are added all the time and you can also get discounts on purchases of games from the service’s library.

The brand currently holds under its belt: Game Pass Core (the online subscription), Game Pass PC, Game Pass Console, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Considering that games can get expensive, subscribing to Game Pass makes sense for a lot of gamers especially with its added perks of day-one additions and exclusive discounts on games and DLCs.

What are the new Game Pass subscription limits

There have been a few conversion tricks here and there to get the most out of your money in terms of Game Pass. And key sellers and subscription stacking makes these all possible. Unfortunately, that ends now, for some at least.

While Xbox Game Pass will remain in all countries it is currently available in, the subscription limit will now be changed for eight countries.

Microsoft has officially stated that Game Pass subscription extensions for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, and Turkey will now be limited to 13 months, instead of the 36 worldwide limit.

On top of that, EA Play which is also stackable up to 36 months, will now be limited to 13 months maximum for Argentina and Turkey.

This recent change was done to avoid gamers taking advantage of the lower currency these countries have, and to protect said countries from a price hike to level out the price worldwide.

Take Game Pass Core as an example. While it costs $9.99 per month everywhere else, it only costs $4.92 and $4.97 in Turkey and Argentina, respectively. That’s almost half the price!

The cross-country purchase was made possible by key sellers and of course VPN. Some gamers were still able to “cash-in” on the previous limit but there are reports made now that some have been banned by Microsoft.

This limit is applicable only to Game Pass Core, Game Pass Console, and PC Game Pass. And to reiterate, only to the eight countries mentioned above.

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