Iron Harvest: The Three Factions

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Iron Harvest

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The world of Iron Harvest 1920+ is made up of three factions: The Polonian Republic, The Saxon Empire, and The Rusviet Union. Here we will show you how each of the factions differ and what they bring.


The Polonian Republic

Iron Harvest Polonian Republic

The Polonian Republic is led by its national hero, Anna, who’s described as a “red-head sniper.” She fights alongside her comrade-in-arms, Wojtek, who is a bear. This faction’s frontline mechs look like cans with legs. This republic corresponds to the 2nd Polish Republic which was formed after World War I.


The Saxon Empire

Iron Harvest Saxon Empire

The Saxon Empire has four-legged mechs. Members of this faction are recognizable through their Iron Cross icons and spiked headgear. They are led by their national hero, Gunter von Duisburg, who’s accompanied by two wolves named  Nacht and Tag.


The Rusviet Union

Iron Harvest Rusviet Union

The Rusviet Union are led by their national hero, Olga Romanova, who’s also accompanied by Changa, a Siberian Tiger. Their mechs are recognizable by their slanted legs.


Check out each of the factions in the gameplay video below: