Inscryption – Pony Island Developer Showcases New Game

30 June 2021 at 19:00 in Gaming News with no comments

Daniel Mullins Games, developer of Pony Island and The Hex, is no stranger to creating psychological horror and mystery games. During E3 2021, we got a glimpse of their new one, Inscryption.

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Inscryption is a mixture of the deck-building, roguelite, and psychological horror genres and features escape room-style puzzles.

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The game throws you into a disturbing odyssey where you must be willing to sacrifice everything to uncover the whole story.

The trailer above does not show much, but we can see that most of the game plays like a traditional card battler.

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There is no detailed information on how you unlock cards, but Devolver Digital’s official website says that you create decks using “drafts, surgery, and self-mutilation.”

The escape room-style puzzles seem to be what you would expect to find in a real one, combination locks, hidden keys, and logic puzzles.

There is very little information on the game so far, and we recommend that you watch the short trailer above for a better idea of what to expect.




Currently, there is no official release date for Inscryption, with the game expected to launch sometime in 2021 for PC on Steam.

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If you are looking to get an early look at the game ahead of its launch, you can sign up for the Inscryption beta on its official Steam page here.




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