Imperator Rome will Feature the Most Advanced Modding Tools of Any Paradox Game

22 March 2019 at 12:44 in Gaming News with no comments
Imperator Rome  

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Paradox Interactive has been hyping fans up for the release of Imperator: Rome with a mini video series called The Building of Rome. The fourth episode was just released and it reveals that the game is fully moddable and comes with a range of powerful tools that allow players to modify the game to their liking.

Game director Johan Andersson says that the game will provide “the most advanced modding tools you’ve ever seen in a Paradox game.” These tools make it possible to fully customize the experience — from changing details such as the province layout to using a powerful modding language to do pretty much anything you want.

You can view the entire video here:


In case you missed the past entries in this series, you can view them all below. Episode 1 gives an overview of what the game is all about. Episode 2 talks about the historical setting of the game. Lastly, Episode 3 talks about the visuals and art style of the game. Check them out for yourself:


Imperator Rome is set to launch on April 25th for PC. Pre-purchasing the game will net you the exclusive Epirus Flavor Pack that adds 2 unique models, an extra music track, and a few other goodies. If you own Europa Universalis 4 as well, you’ll also get the Imperator Unit Pack for that EU4 instantly. You’ll also need to connect a Paradox account to your Steam account for the EU4 bonus.

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