ILL: Watch the New Gruesome Gameplay Trailer

14 June 2022 at 19:47 in Gaming News with no comments

ILL is an upcoming horror FPS built using Unreal Engine 5, and you can watch the new gameplay trailer here.

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Team Clout’s ILL is an immersive horror game built using Epic Games’ new Unreal Engine 5.

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ILL’s gameplay trailer above only shows a few scenes, but we see terrifying enemies, narrow corridors, and impressive gunplay.

ILL will let you dismember, behead, and blow creatures up as you look to gain any advantage you can in dire circumstances.

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Be careful what and when you pull the trigger, though, as the pieces of flesh, muscle, and bone you shoot off can form a creature of their own.

ILL is all about survival, but can you survive when everything and everyone wants you dead.




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