How to Buy Xbox Series X|S Cheaper Using Gift Cards

19 December 2022 at 15:27 in Gaming News with no comments

Buy an Xbox Series S for €202.25 (30% off) instead of €299 from Microsoft directly from almost anywhere in Europe with an Xbox Gift Card.

By Daniel Burrows Daniel

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How to Purchase Xbox Series X|S Cheaper With Gift Cards  

The goal in this article is to show you how to buy gift cards at the best price using Allkeyshop exclusive coupons to buy an Xbox Series X|S cheaper.

  How to Buy Xbox Series X|S Cheap?    

Xbox Gift Card France


Gift Cards are the same price anywhere in Europe (EUR currency), so don’t worry about the France page.


Step 1 – Buy 1 Xbox Gift Card €50 from Gamivo for around €43.18.

  • Remove Customer Protection
  • Remove Smart subscription
  • Use Coupon: ALLKEYSHOP8%
  Purchase Xbox Series X S Cheap  

Step 2 – Buy 3 €50 Xbox Gift Cards from Eneba for a total of €131.06.


Make sure to scroll down on Eneba and pick the lowest-priced gift card. If you can’t add 3 of the cheapest card to your basket, pick the next cheapest one.

  • Use Coupon: AKS8
  Buy Xbox Series X S Cheap Online   Where to Buy Xbox Series X S Cheaper Online?  

Step 3 – Buy 2 €15 Xbox Gift Cards from Kinguin for a total price of €28.01.

  • Use Coupon: AKS12
  Where Can I Buy Xbox Series X|S?  

Step 4 – Redeem your Gift Cards at:

Step 5 – Buy Microsoft Xbox Series X|S: HERE