How to Activate a CD Key on GOG

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Updated August 20, 2020

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How to activate a CD Key on GOG


1. Open your GOG launcher and sign in. Once you signed in press the icon located at the top left of your screen and press Redeem key

GOG Redeem Key Menu


2. Enter your code in the box, complete the CAPTCHA if any and press continue

GOG activate cd key


3. Your key has been successfully activated, press on continue.

GOG Successful Activation


4. In order to download the game, you need to go to the Library and All my games

GOG Library Download Game


5. Select the game you want to download and press install

GOG Game Install


6. Choose your preferred Language and Installation path and press continue. We recommend you to Create a desktop shortcut so you can launch the game directly from your desktop

GOG Game Path


7. The download will begin and once its done you can press on play Or launch the game directly from your desktop.

GOG Game Launch

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Why is my GOG code not working?


You followed the step by step tutorial to activate your product key, but it’s not working ?

Maybe you are facing an issue while entering your code on the website.

The codes are 18 digit characters long number and letters mixed:


Make sure you didn’t forget any digit.

Another thing to check, make sure you differentiate: 0 (zero) and O, Q and D (letter), 1 and capital letter i, B and 8, G and 6, etc.


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