How to activate cd key in Origin.

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How to activate cd key in Origin:

1. To activate your cd key in Origin you need to download origin application and install it, click download and follow the instruction.

2. You need to use the same user name and password, provided you already have an account to Origin.

3. Choose which one is compatible to the pc you are using.

4. Follow the instruction in downloading and after run the application. Once the downloading is done sign in. Then click “my game library” then “add game” (upper right)

5. Then choose “redeem product code

6. Then enter the product code in the box provided then click next.

7. The same box will come up again, but now confirming that your code has been redeemed. This means your game will now be available to download. You will then see the game you have just activated in the “My Games” tab.

Helpful informations

To play the game, you just need to click on its box art on your My Games library and select “download“.

You need to agree to the EULA agreements, and the game will then be downloaded and installed.

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