Hogwarts Legacy New Cinematic Trailer 4K

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Here is the new cinematic trailer for Hogwarts Legacy, the game inspired by the Harry Potter saga, perhaps the best video game of 2023

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New trailer for Hogwarts Legacy   Hogwarts Legacy, the most anticipated RPG in 2023  

In this new trailer, we see an owl acting as a messenger that flies past the ghostly Nick and Professor Weasley before flying from Hogwarts through the forbidden forest infested with acromantulas, then over a wizard trying to subdue a hippogriff, and a fire-breathing dragon, before finally delivering his message, which is presumably an invitation to join the wizarding school.


A magnificent trailer in 4K that allows us to experience the world of Harry Potter from a different angle.

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the universe of J.K Rowling, but the game’s story will have nothing to do with the books or the films.

Indeed, in this new opus, you play as your own character and evolve in an open world without following a strict story.

The exploration promises to be rich with many quests as part of the main campaign and as secondary objectives set around iconic locations in the franchise.

These quests were confirmed recently by a leak of information when an art book was published.

These quests were confirmed recently by a leak of information via the game’s art book.

The art book leaked content, causing a stir among fans and speculation about the game’s lifespan.

Some are excited to know a little more about the game, which is understandable when you consider that the price on Steam is around 60 EUR, while others are choosing to avoid social networks to avoid spoilers.

One thing is for sure, Hogwarts Legacy is already one of the most-anticipated games in recent years, particularly among Potterheads.


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