Hogwarts Legacy Leaks: The last leaked news!

26 January 2023 at 15:31 in Gaming News with 1 comment

The content of the ART BOOK has been partially revealed revealing some elements of the game, map, characters, life span and some secrets.

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Hogwarts Legacy the most anticipated RPG in 2023   Hogwarts Legacy Leaks  

Where, when, how, what? We give you all the leaked info on Hogwarts Legacy!


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While the promising Hogwarts Legacy has been the best-selling video game on Steam since the beginning of the year, a massive leak of information about the game’s content was published a few weeks before its release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.


Warner Bros.’ action RPG doesn’t need any more publicity if we are to believe the craze it has been generating since its announcement in September 2020, as evidenced by the 31 million views on PlayStation’s YouTube channel for its official reveal trailer or by the media uproar that set the web ablaze following ambiguous statements made by J. K. Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter saga.

  • Potter betrayed by his grimoire?

Usually, this type of leak, increasingly common for big hits, results from a high-flying hack, an insider breaking confidentiality agreements, or an unfortunate post.

In this case, the leak came from The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy artbook.

This one would have fallen into the hands of a Potterhead who was perhaps too passionate and eager to share it with the community of future Hogwarts students.

  • Harry, He is here to help

So on January 16, 2023, a certain Bigby @ManwithSecrets_ posted info on Twitter regarding the game’s lifespan, photos of the said artbook, and secrets that could have probably waited until the game’s release.

This massive leak has been viewed on his profile over 20,000 times.

He also left a link pointing to the Reddit site titled “New wave of art book leaks [01/17/23],” with several photos taken of this artbook’s contents.

  • What do the new Hogwarts Legacy Leaks tell us?

Hogwarts Legacy Map magically revealed in full

  Hogwarts Legacy Map magically revealed in full  

By revealing the complete map of the RPG developed by Avalanche Software, it allowed the fans to establish an estimate of the game’s lifespan for its main quest (about 35 hours) but also to predict the duration of the side quests that could double the game time thanks to more than a hundred mysteries and puzzles.

The side quests will also be of great importance to developing your character!

Indeed, in what looks to be a good RPG, your wizard’s evolution will be done by improving their equipment (wand, hat, dress, etc.), collecting numerous items during quests, making some acquisitions in a village rich in equipment shops, and by learning new spells.

An article published on the Portkey Games website had already announced that there would be mini-games to learn different spells.

But it will be another story for the most powerful ones, such as the Avada Kedavra curse (the death spell).

Indeed, Bigby claims that this can only be learned from a secondary mission after completing the main storyline at a high level.

  Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy  

There will be numerous missions for each Hogwarts house, many bosses to face and places to explore, and dungeons such as Azkaban prison.

However, part of the map has been reduced in size, which suggests that future DLC will open up this area to the most daring wizards.

Goblins in Hogwarts Legacy  

Other published images show us the different creatures present in the game.

In addition to those already revealed in the new cinematic trailer, we find the main characters, some teachers already announced by Warner Bros., centaurs, trolls and goblins, and fantastic animals such as hippogriffs, graphorns, dragons and a phoenix.

  The magic broomstick    
  • A broomstick neck that hurts

As we know, as already explained in the FAQ on the official website, there will be no Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, despite the use of broomsticks for exploration and challenges.

However, we did learn that the developers had planned to integrate it into the adventure, but the project was quickly abandoned.

Will it be the subject of an update? Nothing is certain.


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