Hard West 2: Join the Open Beta Now

10 May 2022 at 19:59 in Gaming News with no comments

You can now join the Hard West 2 open beta on Steam to experience part of its campaign and more.

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Hard West 2 has started its open beta on PC, and is set to run until June 5, 2022. You can access it through Steam.

The open beta gives you access to a “small slice of the game’s full campaign.” You will also be able to experience some of the special abilities that characters will gain.

Good Shepherd Entertainment also included a gameplay video which you can watch above.

  Hard West 2 Open Beta on Steam  

Hard West 2 is a turn-based strategy RPG set in a Wild West-themed world. You play as the protagonist Gin Carter who’s known as a notorious outlaw, and is out to get the Ghost Train that’s loaded with federal gold. In this game, folk tales of the Wild West and the occult are blended together, bringing you a game that’s action-packed and supernatural.

You will be joined by a band of outlaws in your mission, and each of them have their own supernatural skills or weapons.

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Hard West 2 features the all-new Bravado State which brings tactics and combat to a whole level. Activating this will replenish Action Points that will allow you to deal more damage.

You can also look forward to its gunfights as you arm your posse with different weapons using playing cards.

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Hard West 2 doesn’t have a release date at this time, but its Steam page shows it is scheduled to launch sometime this year. You can also add it on your Wishlist.


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