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To combat the dangers of the Northern Kingdoms, War Legend and Allkeyshop offers you a beginner’s guide to overcome any trials.

Get out of the old tracks

God of War propose you an adventure with sometime bigger levels. In a more general aspect, the focus is put over the exploration and you will be rewarded by looking in every corner, whether it is with money, secondary quests, items, etc.

You could only follow the main quest path without changing your trajectory but that would be an error. That is true, exploration will lead you to secondary quests which will let you know more about the characters and the universe of God of War. A very welcomed inmersion reinforcement which on top of unlocking really useful rewards will also get rare materials used for the crafting and upgrading of items.

menu armure god of war

It is also possible to find hidden zones that are actualy quite big. There you will find more content. On the Lac of the Nine in particular, don’t hesitate to travel the waters up and down in order to mark all the available docks; go deep in the canyons and the straits to discover new localization to dock.

Even at a smaller level the focus is put on the exploration. Always look around you. Take the time to look back regularly and also overall look up: you will often find elements of the environment that are hanged on the roof, you will need to throw your axe to make them fall. This is how you obtain extra money that will be very useful for the crafting and the upgrade of your equipment.

Exploit all your destructive potential

Very quickly, Kratos and Atreus will be confronted to hordes of enemies particularly enraged. You will start with the basic light and heavy attacks. The heavy attacks (R2) send the enemy flying into the airs and it is possible to maintain it there with three light attacks (R1). It is also possible to throw your Leviathan Axe and recall it. This will inflict moderate damage to all those in its way back. For the way in, it will just get stuck in the first enemy or environment element that it will meet.

To start, take time to know your enemies. You will notice that each enemy has two health bar on top of their head.

Barre de santé et d'endurance god of war

The first represented her in yellow, is the health bar. Very classical, when it is empty, the enemy dies.

The second, red once filled but orange during its progression, is the stun meter of your enemy – almost all can be stunned, if you do it correctly. When it is full, the symbol « R3 » appears, which indicates you to to press this key next to the enemy to execute him (indicating the percentage of enemy health missing).

guide débutant god of war ennemi en l'air
Important Fact: the enemies fly in God of War. Not naturally, but it only need a little help and…

To stun an opponent, you must use your fists and your shield. Effectively, the Leviathan Axe doesn’t help that bar to progress. To start a combat in the best setting, I suggest to first send your axe on an opponent, that will freeze it, then try to hit another one to send him in a wall (at the end of the serie of light attacks (R1), the enemy is pushed back). The stun bar will then progress drastically. Execute it, take back your axe and continue with the combat.

You will note that some enemies are quite tough and present a lifebar that is divided in two sections. Theses enemies have an armor and it is impossible to send them flying in the air.

To go deeper into the knowledge of your enemies, experiment different attacks against them, methods to kill them, and you will notice that the menu « Bestiari » gets new notes depending on your finds. Therefore you can come back when you want to figure out how to defeat this bad guy.

In all cases, don’t forget the combination of buttons L1 + R1/R2 in order to launch your runic attacks, when you have found some runics gems. Those increase the variety of moves available in your arsenal with often devastating moves.

Upgrade your equipment

God of War gives statistics to Kratos. It is possible to influence those by using equipment that you will chose to wear.

God of war guide du débutant

You will be able to boost some statistics depending on your gameplay. How ? It is very easy: using equipment (armor, armor enchantment and weapon parts) that you will find while exploring – you will see how useful it is ! – but also using items directly crafted by the Blacksmith brothers.

Don’t forget to regularly visit them so you can upgrade your equipment therefore increasing even more those statistics. For their work, the blacksmiths will ask for money (hey! every work desserves money!) but also materials. You will find all of that… through exploration, but also by stacking cadavers – those of bosses for rarer materials.

Please note that you will unlock new abilities when leveling your Leviathan axe. This weapon can only be upgraded with a special material that you will need to find in special places. Don’t forget to regularly spend your experience points in the « Abilities» menu.

guide débutant god of war compétences

To obtain more money, you have multiple possibilities: find artefacts (collectibles) to sell them back to the smiths, loot the cadavers of your enemies, collect pieces of loot hidden above you and open chests spread all over the world. The forge will very quickly be expensive so don’t underestimate the opportunities to refill.

Lastly, there are statistics that you can’t upgrade via items: health and rage. For those you will need to find up to 9 «Apples of Iðunn» and 9 «Horns of Bloody Hydromel». The first allows you to boost your life bar by steps of three, the seconds upgrade the rage meter at the same frequency. In both cases, to obtain them, you will need to find chests that have runes on them, runes that you will need to search and hit in the surrounding environment.

guide débutant god of war coffre runes

God of War was published starting the 20th of april 2018 on PS4/Pro.


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