GPU, PS5, and Xbox Series X Shortages Continue

The video game industry has seen an unprecedented boom in sales and players in the last 18 months. The ongoing events have also seen games and hardware delayed, and in some cases, canceled altogether.

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In a recent AMA on Reddit, Bloomberg news reporter, Jason Schreier, answered questions regarding his thoughts and insights towards the video game industry. 

One of the questions was about the lack of games announced or released for the latest consoles and hardware.

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It’s no secret that games, whether for consoles or PC have been delayed, some for weeks, some months, and Digital Trends has a great list of games that have been delayed in 2021 so far.

Of course, we can’t underestimate the impact that the ongoing coronavirus has had on the world. That has undoubtedly made things more difficult for development companies to hit release targets.

But we can’t entirely put it down to that.




Earlier this month, The Verge reported that the Nvidia GPU shortages would continue throughout 2021.

The GPU shortage is a blow for gamers wanting to upgrade to better hardware and for companies who are developing games targeted at those GPUs

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Of course, games don’t release only for the latest hardware, but they do tend to perform and look better on the newer technology.

The problem was highlighted by TSMC, a company that builds chips for Apple, AMD, and many more, who recently warned that their shortages could last into 2022.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, even suggested that their own chip shortage will continue through 2023.

Many things cause these shortages, such as higher demand due to more people staying home, cryptocurrency miners who are snapping up all available GPUs and driving up prices, and of course COVID.

All of this directly impacts the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, with a lack of available hardware. Which in turn then has an impact on the games that are in development.

But have developers and publishers found a short-term solution?




It’s not been long since Microsoft and Sony launched their latest consoles, and so we can expect a slow release of next-gen titles.

However, the number of games launching cross-gen, meaning both on the previous and current generation, is rising.

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Many times, these games launch for the previous generation consoles. They have the intent to release on the newer ones later down the line.

It makes sense, target more gamers at once, particularly when there are not many people who can get their hands on the latest hardware.




Going back to Jason Schreier and his AMA, there was something suggested that we could all do.

Play our older games.

Many of us have hundreds of games in our Steam and other libraries that we have just not even opened or tried.

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If there was ever a time where we could take some time and visit those games we bought years ago, then surely this is it. It saves us money and will give us something new to play.




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